Who Should I See At the 2019 Portland Book Festival?

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Who Should I See At the 2019 Portland Book Festival?
by Suzette Smith

Ross Gay


The popular, one-day Portland Book Festival (PBF) returns this Saturday to fill area bookshelves, introduce new voices, and provide authors a spotlight to read and discuss their works. This is the fifth year since local nonprofit Literary Arts took over the floundering Wordstock—they changed the festival’s name last year—and, along the way, we’ve watched the fest get a little stronger: crammed to its gills the first year, better organized the second, and so on. Last year the fest was thriving—if conspicuously stamped with Bank of America branding.

The big names at PBF this year are undoubtedly Malcolm Gladwell and Ambassador Susan Rice, former US National Security Advisor. But here are a few excellent writers that you may not have heard about yet, but who are totally worth checking out.

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