Transfering from Excel to Access

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Very new to MS Access but I’ve enjoyed learning about it and doing some practice on my own.

In the future I would like to transfer my company’s excel data to access. Excuse me if I dont sound to informative on this topic as I am still learning.

  1. I have an excel document with 8 different sheets in it. Is it possible to export all 8 into ms access?

  2. One of the sheets in excel has 10 of our products with 4-5 of the same subcategories. This is how we previously tracked sales so most of the orders is for only one of the products. I would like to slim that down and have a drop down feature for our products with the subcategories transferred over. How would this process go down and is it possible or would I have to individually add all of them? (Ex: Product1, quantity, expiration, lot #, Product 2, quanity, expiration, lot #, etc..)

My main objective over the next few months is to actively learn more about access everyday to eventually get to the stage of doing this complex transfer.

I’d love any advice or courses/training you’d suggest.

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