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i have been using access for many, many years and am using a current office 365 version (2009) with windows fully up to date on an lenovo thinkpad with 32gb ram etc. while i had sporadically gotten the system resource exceeded error since moving to office 365, it is now happening all the time. for example I have a table called, say, “any_table”, it has 984,604 records with 60 (or so fields). if i run a query to return all the records with no joins, it works fine. If i add a criteria for either a text field or a numeric field it fails. meanwhile i can run very complex multi-table/view (saved queries) queries just fine. the common denominator may be the absence of values in the where clause. not sure. this started happening just two days ago. not sure if there we auto update do my system/access but i did bring everything up to date to try to fix things, unsuccessfully.

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