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I am relatively new to Access and have been watching a bunch of videos/go-by’s. I am attempting to create a database for Personal Training that would track Client info and Workout History (among other things).

My issue stems from the workout table. I have a the table linked to my Clients tbl and my Exercises tbl. My workout table has the following columns: session date, client, Exercise, weight, reps, sets. i want to be able to have upwards of 10 exercises in each session with their respective weight/reps/sets but the only way i can think of doing this is having a specific column laid out I.E “exercise 1, weight1,reps1,sets1,exercise 2, etc.” which i feel is very clunky.

the end goal is to be able to pull a query and have a quick (and easy to read) reference of a clients previous workout. Is the table going to have to be very long and clunky like described and i’ll just have to focus on refining the form and query, or would there be a better way to organize it?

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