VBA Base Class and Derived Object-2

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VBA Base Class and Derived Object-2

Last week we have created a Derived Class ClsVolume Object, using Class ClsArea as Base Class.  We have created Property Procedures in the Derived Class to expose the Base Class’s Properties and Function to the Object user programs.  This method demands repetition of all the property procedures of the Base Class in the derived class too.  Here, we explore how to create the same Derived ClsVolume Class without repeating the Property Procedures of the Base ClsArea Class.

We have learned the usage of GetRead More

Base Class and Derived Object Variants

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Last week we have tried an example as how to pass a Base Class Object, through the Set Property Procedure,  to become part of the Object in memory.  The passed object become an extension or child Object of the Main Object in memory.  In our earlier program passing the child Object to the Target Object was done at the instantiating phase of our test program.  We have assigned  values to the passed Object Properties in later part of the program.  The next example is … Read More

Plan your meal with the Guest-imator

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Plan ahead for holiday meals – way ahead in fact – to decrease your chances of wasting good food. Tips for ways to save food abound for a reason. In a time of excess, too much turkey is being tossed.

photo of squash

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away about 204 million pounds of turkey meat after Thanksgiving. That number doesn’t even include other leftover foods like side dishes and desserts.

Check out the Guest-imator!

Save the Food offers cooks and eaters … Read More

Energy reporting increases transparency in the commercial real-estate market

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The public can view and compare energy efficiency information for more than 800 commercial buildings within the city of Portland. Similar to labels on consumer products, such as cars and appliances, building energy ratings help tenants and prospective purchasers understand how much energy a building uses and how that might affect operating costs.

map of energy efficient buildings

In 2015, the City of Portland passed an ordinance requiring buildings that are 20,000 square feet and larger to track and report energy performance. Buildings are the single largest contributor to … Read More

MS-Access Recordset and Class Module

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MS-Access Recordset and Class Module

Here, we will build a Class Module for data processing task, by passing a DAO.Recordset Object to our Custom Class Object.  Since it is an Object that is passing to our Custom Class we need the Set and Get Property Procedure pair to assign and retrieve the Object or it’s Property values.

We have a small Table:Table1, with few records in it..  Here is the image of Table1.

The above table have only four fields: Desc, Qty, UnitPrice and TotalPrice.  The TotalPrice … Read More

Microsoft Ignite 2018 recap: Access team showcases new data visualization features

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Find the top Microsoft Access programmer company

Microsoft Ignite 2018 has come and gone, but there’s still time to catch up on the Access content that was shared!


Michal Bar, Senior Program Manager for Access, and Tim Getsch, founder and CEO of COMC.com and former Access Program Manager, attended the conference on behalf of the Access team. Over the course of the week, Michal and Tim met and discussed Access with customers and developers from all over the world, and presented an engaging session … Read More

Community conversations about single-use plastics support new policy

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December 5, 2018


Eileen Park
Office of Mayor Ted Wheeler

Christine Llobregat
Bureau of Planning and Sustainability 

Portland City Council passes ordinance to cut back on single-use plastic serviceware while Portlanders who rely on items for healthcare situations can still obtain what they need.

After a second reading and unanimous vote, Portland City Council passed a new ordinance to reduce the automatic distribution of single-use plastics in Portland. Since Portland already has bans in place for Styrofoam and … Read More

Access Class Module and Wrapper Classes

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There are times that a particular Class Module needs to be instantiated more than once, to use similar set of values for a particular Application. 

For example: our ClsArea Class Module, we have designed for calculating carpet area of Rooms is a candidate for similar applications.  Assume that we would like to find out how many floor tiles we need to lay in a room then we should be able to input the Length and Width values of Tile also, besides the dimension … Read More

City of Portland Commits to Clean Air Construction Standard

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Contact: Eileen Park, (503) 823-6541

City of Portland Commits to Clean Air Construction Standard

Portland, ORE — Today, the City of Portland committed to reducing diesel emissions on public sector construction sites. Multnomah County is also expected to adopt the Standard later this month by executive order.

The Portland City Council voted unanimously to adopt an amendment to the City’s Sustainable Procurement Policy, which would phase-in requirements for contractors working on City construction projects, … Read More

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