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I am trying to set an icon in a database home page to appear whenever an employee has an assigned task that has a status of open. This is coming about because our employees always forget to check their tasks when they start the day and will relegate really important matters to our messaging system instead (which does not have a way of tracking employee changes).

The employees log in to the database and are assigned individual IDs, which are used to tag interactions, messages, call logs, etc. throughout the database. Tasks are assigned entered based on employee ID, stored overhead as empIDVB

What I would like to do is set up a VBA or SQL statement that reads similar to:

  • If CustomerTasks.assignedto = empIDVB AND CustomerTasks.Status = “open”
  • Then MainMenu.image89 = Visible

What I have currently, which is not working is:

If CustomerTasks.AssignedTo = EmpIDVB And CustomerTasks.Status = "Open" Then mainmenu.Image89.Visible = True Else: mainmenu.Image89.Visible = False End If 

I have used empnamevb in statements before (me.label120.caption = “welcome, ” & empnameVB) and that has worked fine.

I believe my problem is that I want this to show up whether there are 1 or 25 open tasks, not just if there is one task in particular open.


**IMPORTANT** I am not the original builder of this database, most of what I do is VBA. I am really shaky with SQL. I have managed to rebuild most of the database except for the task area, which I left in its’ original form.

I will attach a picture of my small bit code for this part in the comments below this

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