Need Help with Changing the Back Color of Rows in a Subform Under Certain Conditions

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I am fairly new to MS Access and landed a job where they like to build systems using this software. As a developer, I’m more familiar with building applications from the ground up than using facilitating programs to build them, but I of course have to abide by my company’s will on this matter. Today, I was trying to find a way to change the back color of some of the rows of a subform I use as a datasheet. The idea is simple : if a row contains a certain value, it has to have its back color changed. If it does not, its back color can remain unchanged. I would like this to happen the moment the subform is loaded. I came up with many ways to do it, and I’ve unfortunately not managed to get any of my ideas to work. Pardon my ignorance on the matter, but is there a ForEach function or a Vlookup that could do what I’m trying to do?



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