Merging to Access databases without losing information or creating duplicates

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As of this moment I have two databases with the same fields that I am trying to merge. Each entry has a date associated as well as a name. Database 1 has four people that use it and database 2 uses a older version of database 1 that is handled by 1 different person. I am trying to merge these two databases into one but the problem is that both databases are being updated with unique information. So the 50th row on database 1 could be different then the 50th row on database 2. The difference is that these entries will have different names. Another problem is that older entries are being edited. So I may have changed entry 5 and the other person may have done the same. each entry has multiple fields so I may change field 5 and the other person may change field 2. I want those to be merged. However, if both fields are changed then I would need that to be marked in some way. Please feel free to ask any questions if this doesn’t make sense.

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