Looking for examples of common use case that database software/apps like access could help us with

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Looking for examples of common use case that database software/apps like access could help us with

  • Then could see what common things these software/apps can help us with

For example, can see if airtable does it

What things does the free version do that would help us that all other free spreadsheet options do not do?

  • An airtable link that showcases what things exactly you’re talking about would be helpful.
  • This way we all could find some use for this

I understand airtable is more a database than a spreadsheet since it doesn’t do calculations which also takes away lots of use cases

I understand airtable doesnt even have color fonts in free version which takes away lots of use cases

An airtable link that showcases helpful things you’re talking about would be helpful.

The following is for a different use case:

Best Offline Spreadsheet Options?

Libreoffice is significantly more updated (in quality) than Openoffice, said by others

Looks like the problem: is that there are many outdated sites, or many sites with outdated info that lists Openoffice as a good option

Spreadsheet apps listed on various sites seems to show there’s absolutely no good options for this besides these 2…. (or maybe there are? )


  • Offline
    • Onlyoffice seems to be one of the very few decently good options like 2 options… in total… ?
    • Im trying Onlyoffice over Libreoffice for the main reason that it has tabs like in chrome, and that all apps/software should have
    • Looking thru options on sites, there’s basically no options that are free or low cost for this basic simple need
  • Fullscreen
    • Fullscreen spreadsheets/tables (tables has to be fullscreen or near it, so docs wont work)
  • Do not need calculation
  • Significantly updated (quality, not quantity)
    • Mainly care about things that are significantly updated. And since Onlyoffice has this extremely basic/bonus feature of tabs that all apps/software are suppose to have, then it seems to fit the requirement. And the other basic simple requirements above

Preferred, not needs:

  • Fast load, measured in total time taken

Main requirement is not online

Non-deal breaking Problems with Onlyoffice:

  • Doesn’t look like it auto-saves but I guess other desktop apps/software don’t either
  • Cannot double click columns to widen width of all columns like you can on google sheets
  • When you open it, it doesn’t go to the last used / most recently used doc/data/file

Thoughts on Onlyoffice relevant to this post? Or are there any better options in 2020?

Looking for helpful links / info pertinent to post. Thanks!


There’s this thing call “WPS Office Software” but it was made in China and as we all know that is untrusted given everything in the media about China

There’s this quick spreadsheet maker call “ethercalc.net” where you:

  • Don’t need any account/signup
  • And is quick shareable
  • And is continuously editable, wow

Don’t think there’s anything else like that for spreadsheets/tables (or even for anything else like pastebin text that is also continuously editable since pastebin is not continuously editable and I don’t think anything else is)

When comparing “python + Jupiter notebooks + pandas” to libre = “For everything < 250 rows libre office calc is good enough and definitely faster.”

Please recommend what you’ve used or know about. Thanks!

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