[Help]Monthly rent invoice and payments database schema

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I am trying to make a schema for my application which I am coding in VB.Net. My application is about the rental property rent management.

The big confusion I am facing right now is how to implement the monthly payments and keep a record of those payments for later on reports. Plus those payments must be integrate-able with invoices. It’s kind of too confusing and in databases, I am not much of an expert.

I am not sure how one can make such a schema for a database in MS Access.

I have most of tables. Plus created payments table, where there is: PaymentID, TenantID, TotalDues, PaymentRecieved (Amount received for the current month’s due rent), PaymentRemaining (If not fully paid, the dues in arrears), DateReceived,

It’s just a simple table, but I’m confused about how to make it more flexible so that if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent at all this month then he should get total cumulative rent owed in next month. Or if half rent was paid this month or some other amount, then the database should keep track of it for next month.

How would I go about creating such a database? A detailed schema is most welcome. Thanks

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