Help – Trying to sync combo boxes on a form

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I have been charged with creating an access db for recording Quality Assurance of my staff in an office.

I have run into an issue that i cannot overcome, no, matter how many tutorials i look at

on the form, i use a combobox Called USER to select the name of the individual that is being QA. this data is stored in a table is called USERs and has the following Columns

Bob Mr Jones
John Mr Smith
Gary Mr Smith

What i would like to happen is that when i select BOB in combobox USER, i would like the name of the Team Leader displayed in an adjacent text box/combobox.

If this was excell, i would achieve this through a vlookup or an array, but i can not work this out to save my life.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated or send me a link to a db so that i can work it out and reverse engineer what someone else has done.

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