[HELP] Asset Service Tracking Forms & Reports

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New to Microsoft Access on this scale, multiple locations/clients, each with up to three different types of assets (Fire Extinguishers, EM Lighting, Electrical assets).

  • I am currently looking to have one form to manage each type of asset and am selecting multiple assets in to form’s detail using a combo box in the form’s header- tips on this?
  • I am also looking to update the table tracking all of these assets (eg EM Lighting table) from the form- is this automatic using the above technique?
  • I am looking to generate a report for a single specific type of asset, per a single specific client, at a time, can this be done using a button on the relevant form?
  • I am also looking to import data from a .csv file, but the data is in a format that Access imports horribly… is there a way to customize imports from a .csv file, or should I try pipelining the data through a C++ application?

Thanks in advance for your time! I am happy to upload my database if anyone would like to see what I have done already.

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