Good Morning, News: Upheaval in Chile, Resolution in Lebanon, and Romney’s Secret Twitter Account

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by Alex Zielinski

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A protester carries Chilean flag in Santiago, Chile.

A protester carries Chilean flag in Santiago, Chile. Marcelo Hernandez / Getty Images

Fed Up in Chile: A state of emergency has been declared in Chile over violent protests fueled by continuous cost-of-living increases in the city. The final straw that ignited this response? A spike in the price of public transportation tickets.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon:
Five days of massive protests in Beirut and Tripoli over economic woes have ended with the Lebanese government making sweeping reforms to the country’s 2020 budget—including the halving of politicians’ salaries.

Playing Chicken: Chick-fil-A thought it could sneak into the UK without anyone remembering its anti-LGBTQ roots. Not so fast. After only 10 days of being open, the UK’s first Chick-fil-A store—which has been wildly protested—has announced it will close in six months.

This is What De-Escalation Looks Like: Recently released security video footage of the moment when Parkrose High School coach Keanon Lowe stopped Angel Granados-Diaz from using a shotgun in PHS illustrates compassion at its best. The video has quickly gone viral, yet PHS’ superintendent is concerned its publication violates privacy laws.

[REDACTED]: Australia’s top newspapers are protesting press freedom restrictions by blacking out text on all of their front pages.

Drug Bust: The largest drug manufacturer in the world—Teva Pharmaceuticals—and three companies that distribute prescription drugs agreed to pay a total of $260 million to settle lawsuits filed by two Ohio counties—hours before they were expected to go to trial.

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Pierre Delecto, Sen. Mitt Romney’s secret Twitter personality, or Felicity Huffman in prison (see below). Keep it relevant, folks.

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