Good Morning, News: Protest Aftermath, Timbers Uphold Iron Front Ban, and Oregon Stands Up For Abortion Rights

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Good Morning, News: Protest Aftermath, Timbers Uphold Iron Front Ban, and Oregon Stands Up For Abortion Rights
by Blair Stenvick

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Good morning, Portland! Let’s get this day going like a soapbox speeding down Mt. Tabor.

Here are the headlines.

Now What? The Proud Boys came, saw, conquered the Hawthorne Bridge, left quickly, and then threatened to return—leaving Portlanders to wonder, “What’s next?” We can’t really say at this point, but here’s a survey of the aftermath.

Correcting the Record: Speaking of Saturday’s protest: You may have seen viral video from the protests over the weekend, and it’s hard to tell in an isolated video exactly what’s happening. The Oregonian’s got a helpful rundown of the facts related to these videos—some of which had been deceptively edited by people with political agendas.

Think Smaller:

Take Your Rule and Shove It: The Trump administration is trying to force medical clinics who accept Title X funds to not even mention abortion to their patients—so Oregon is pulling out of Title X funding, and filling in the gaps with state resources instead. Planned Parenthood is also rejecting Title X funds.

Too Little, Too Late: Five fucking years after Eric Garner died, the police officer who wouldn’t get off of him—despite Garner’s insistence that “I can’t breath”—has been fired. He still won’t face any criminal charges.

Schools Scammed: A thief posing as a construction contractor tried to trick Portland Public Schools (PPS) into paying him $2.9 million for supposed services rendered—and they almost got away with it. PPS says it’s put the two administrators responsible for almost paying the fraudster on paid leave while they sort the issue out. The district will start training its money managers in fraud prevention.

Fair or Foul? The Portland Timbers’ administration is doubling down on its ban on the anti-fascist iron front symbol, to the chagrin of many anti-fascists in the Timbers Army. Abe Asher’s analysis for the Mercury: A new statement from the Timbers is threading the needle “between what is political and what isn’t, what qualifies as a human rights issue and what doesn’t, and, of course, how it can stand steadfastly against fascism as it stands steadfastly by a ban on antifascist imagery.

Here’s How Much Trump Sucks: He sucks more than the auto industry! As automakers partner with California to oppose Trump’s plan to roll back auto pollution standards, Trump is reportedly “enraged” that car companies aren’t as amped about destroying the planet as he is.

Sentence of the Day: “Ultimately, we need to recognize that our tremendous consumption of online content isn’t free of consequences—if we’re not paying, the planet is.”

Psst! You. Yes, you! Have a $5 slushy!

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