Good Morning, News: Kamala’s Out, Trump’s Pissed, and Meet Your New Feminist Impeachment Hero, Pamela Karlan

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by Wm. Steven Humphrey

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Law Professor Pamela Karlan gives zero fucks as she reads corrupt Republicans the riot act in todays impeachment hearing.

Law Professor Pamela Karlan gives zero fucks as she reads corrupt Republicans the riot act in today’s impeachment hearing. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Every other word is “uh-huh,” “yeah,” “okay.” Could it be that you are at the crib with another lady? LET’S GO TO PRESS.

Let’s start the morning with some IMPEACHMENT NEWS: Today kicks off the House Judiciary Committee’s first public hearing over whether or not the president should be impeached (he should and with vigor). The morning started with testimony from constitutional scholars who will talk about how Trump’s presidential corruption is without equal. Expect a lot of idiotic bickering from Republicans, who are still reeling from the damning report issued yesterday by the House Intelligence Committee which provided solid proof that the president “placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States.”

Sick impeachment hearing burns thus far:

The House Intelligence report also clearly documented how Trump’s crony lawyer Rudy Giuliani was up to his neck in corruption, constantly bypassing National Security Council and State Department aides to enact his own foreign policy.

Trump is PISSED at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following the leader’s scathing comments that were picked up on a hot mic (and unexpected pushback from other world leaders isn’t helping Trump’s mood either, heh-heh-hehhhhhh).

Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris has taken herself out of the race due to a lack of campaign funding, while fellow candidates Cory Booker and Julian Castro are pointing out the distinct possibility that the next debate may only have white participants.


In a bid to save his self-inflicted terrible reputation, Rep. Devin Nunes is suing CNN for a story about how he was in alleged cahoots with Rudy Giuliani to extort the Ukrainian government.

Of particular interest to Portland protesters: At a Justice Department ceremony, Attorney General William Barr issued a cryptic warning to cities who apparently aren’t showing enough respect to cops by saying, “if communities don’t give that support and respect, they might find themselves without the police protection they need.”

Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo has resigned after accusations of mishandling and covering up hundreds of sexual abuse claims.

Today in NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE: “LAPD officer allegedly caught fondling corpse.”

IN LOCAL NEWS: Portland Public Schools is voicing its displeasure with ODOT’s plan to widen the I-5 corridor and the impact it will have on Harriet Tubman Middle School. Our Blair Stenvick has more on the story.

This unsurprising but infuriating headline says it all: “More than 260,000 Multnomah County residents struggle to afford basic needs; people of color hardest hit by far, report finds.”

Failed former Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler will be donating his campaign contributions from national traitor Gordon Sondland to charity; will keep his creepy goatee.

Now let’s peep skyward at the WEATHER: Cloudy but dry with a high of 49.

And finally, here’s a scene from Rocky that you may have forgotten about too.

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