Cannot figure out cause for Error: Not a valid bookmark! (Tried Rebuilding and Compact+Repair)

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I am having issues with my BackEnd. While staff are using the database, they will get an error: “Not a valid bookmark.” I am unable to determine the cause and I have tried to rebuild the database by importing all objects into a new database and I’ve also tried Compacting & Repairing.

The Set-Up:

  1. BackEnd (Has tables that stores Daily Stats, Combo Box Values, Versions/File Paths, and a KickOut feature)
  2. OTC (FrontEnd menu with buttons linking to the Narrator or ONE&Done)
  3. Narrator (Does not store data, generates temporary data on clipboard)
  4. ONE&Done (Staff enters data, stored into the Daily Stats table on BackEnd)

These are all stored on a shared server, accessed by hundreds of employees. Each staff has a shortcut to the FrontEnd (OTC) on their desktop. Staff will use the tool(s) that fits their needs for the day. Would someone please take a deeper look into my databases and try to figure out what might be causing this error? All sensitive data has been removed. I would appreciate it so much before I lose all of my hair.

I’ve uploaded my files to my Drive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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