Calculated field from a query and a text box.

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My Access is in Dutch and I don’t know all the names, but I’ll try.

I’m making a form where I want a field to calculate the total amount of websites devided by the amount of weeks.

I have a list with a single value in it which is a SELECT COUNT(*) query. Not sure if the thing is called “list”, but it’s the one to the right of the Combo Box icon.

The other field I have is a text box with a single value in it. It has a standard value. I can change this value, but the changed value will be lost upon closing Access. I would like it if this field remembers the last value it had.

The last field is the field which should update in real time depending on the other two fields. I’ve tried and tried, but I’m unable to find a solution.

My Visual Basic knowledge is limited and I’ve done everything with SQL up to this point. If I can do it with SQL, that would be awesome, but if the only solution is Visual Basic, then so be it.

Thanks in advance!

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