Accounting Database managing multiple funds

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Accounting Database managing multiple funds

Hello all,

I manage all of the accounting and budgeting at my department. I created a way to sort through all of the expense information for our one fund that I import as raw data through the following table ‘Expense’. The company’s system doesn’t allow much flexibility with setting custom Budget and budget lines, so that is why this db is relevant. Everything was fine using the mapping below to manage our one fund’s expenses, but recently we acquired multiple other funds that I need to manage as well.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to allow my current db to accommodate more than one fund’s expenses reliably.

Option 1: I could technically create this mapping for every fund, but that seems a bit too cumbersome.

Option 2: I also though about adding unique identifiers for the “Expense,” but was concerned about being able to parse the information well enough and if queries would take longer to run if it has to go through all of the expenses for every fund.

A table for ‘Fund’ isn’t on this map yet because there was only fund when I created it, so it was unnecessary. I will also say that the ‘activity_code_id’ values are recyclable for every fund.

Each fund will have a ‘budget” with “budget lines” that have ‘activity codes’ associated with it.

Does anyone have a suggestions how I should/could incorporate the new funds and their budgets, budget lines, activity codes, and expenses into a reliable and flexible (more funds can be added if needed in the future) way?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

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